WSR 28/09

Our weeks here at Just Tress It never look the same. It seems that each week we are always handed a few curveball products to shop and ship for our customers.

One thing is for sure is that we haven’t anyone down. As many of you know, our business model is to shop any item that you want (so we make the payment for you with the country’s required credit card) and then we ship the item to you in Australia.

What is super unique about what we do is that we have figured the shipping game and how it works which helps us to educate our customers on how they can best maximise their space and money on each order.

Below is a snapshot of some of the items that we have shipped this week


  1. Restoration Hardware Pillow
    Let’s face it, if you want something premium for your home, you go to Restoration Hardware. One of our customers this week asked us to purchase her a pillow for a newly designed section of her house.
  2. Honest Beauty Everything Glow Primer
    This Primer has won Multiple awards and for some reason this week we shipped 3 of them. The Honest Beauty is a company started by Jessica Alba with the ethos and plan to reinvent Beauty with a Natural and Healthy approach.
  3. Tarte Cosmetics Concealer
    Tarte Cosmetics has a cult beauty status here in Australia and is impossible to get your hands on. One of our customers ordered 5 of these Concealers, for her and her friends. She figured why not when the dollar was good, and she could maximise on her shipping space inside a Small Box.
  4. 12V Push Pull Solenoid
    So, I’ll be honest with you, we didn’t know what a Solenoid was until this order came through. Turns out Solenoids are pretty important electromagnets that are needed for things to work, things such as boats etc. The Solenoid is very small, with only a 30mm long body, so the shipping costs weren’t expensive at all, but the customer needed to have it for his boat to work.
  5. A Rare Essential Oils for Animals Book
    One of our customers really needed to have this book, but as you know with Amazon not shipping to Australia anymore, she couldn’t get access to this book. Living in rural NSW, she needed to have this and was very happy to find out that we could help her out.
  6. Home Depot Table Cloths
    So, this customer purchased these table cloths in Australia several years ago, when a retailer stocked them. The retailer decided abruptly to stop stocking them, when the customer went to find them she couldn’t and had to source them from their original US retail Chain Store.
  7. Nike Lebron Solider 16
    Well, these items are sold out globally, except for the USA. Hence why our client paid for his order within one minute of us sending him his quote.
    Need I say anymore?
  8. Christian Louboutin Hiliconio Pumps
    These shoes had no release date in Australia and our client send them to us to purchase the day they were released in the USA.
  9. Outdoor Voices Workout Skort
    With Summer coming we expected a spike in US Workout wear and we were right. We had a few orders this week for some Summer Sale stock from Outdoor Voices.
  10. Adidas NEMEZIZ 18+ Firm Ground Cleats
    These shoes were hot off the press when our customer sent through an order enquiry, he was very keen not to miss out on his size.
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WSR 28/09
Our weeks here at Just Tress It never look the same
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