Online Shopping Mistakes

The 5 Common Mistakes you can make when shopping online

Shopping online can be both fun and disappointing at the same time. We’ve all been there when we have been careless to check the size and weight of our package or have purchased an item that we know would go on sale. As with anything there are tips and tricks to shop online like a pro and never be disappointed when shopping online again.

We thought we would list out for you the most common mistakes we have seen from our shoppers so you can avoid them.

  1. Not Checking your Order correctly
    It’s happened to our customers countless times where they are simply so excited to purchase an item, they add it to their cart and complete the order only to find the colour they selected was wrong. A funny story, a friend of mine once selected the country she wanted her swimmers sent to, thinking she clicked Australia in a rush, when in fact she clicked Aruba. How funny is that?Lesson to learn here, check everything about your order twice. 
  2. Not Reading Customer Reviews
    We can’t stress enough how important it is to read the reviews to the product you are looking to purchase. In the reviews you can usually decipher through and see the types of people reviewing the product and the quality of the rating that they give the product. It is pretty fair to have a few bad reviews of a product, provided that they are mixed with positive reviews as well.
  3. Remaining too loyal to one website
    In the amazing digital age, we live in, we have access to so many sites selling the same product. We are in an age now where we can shop around and find the best deals that are suitable for us.
  4. Not Comparing Prices
    With the endless amount of site’s we have access to selling the same products, you’d be silly not to compare prices or shop when you receive certain loyalty codes. Be Savvy and take control of your purchases.
  5. Shopping from the Gray Market
    The last thing you want to do is purchase an item from what you believe to be the supplier, when in actual fact it is from the Gray Market. You should always check the provider that you are purchasing from is legitimate by searching through and seeing their credibility.



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