International Online Shopping Tips

So, we’ve all been there before. We’ve shopped online and been burnt in extra costs or hidden charges that we just didn’t think of. It is a nightmare to purchase something online for a certain figure and then see a different price charged on your credit card. Because of hearing too many of these horror stories, we compiled our top 5 tips to saving money when shopping online.

Top Tip 1: Know your costs

Understand what your buying and how much its going to cost. Especially if you are shopping overseas you’ll need to understand how foreign stores calculate their Tax (or GST as we call it). Every country has different Tax Laws and different percentages of Tax that can be applied.

For example, when purchasing a Pillow from a store in the US, you’ll notice that the advertised price of the pillow, won’t be the same price you’ll see for the pillow in your Shopping Cart.

US Retailers advertise their product cost, without the Tax. They do this because each state has their own Tax laws. So, we are based in California and have a 8.25% Tax Rate.

Top Tip 2: Understand Currency Conversion Rates

On the average day the Australian Dollar can either increase or decrease, but which ever way it swings it affects you purchasing international items.

If you enquire with us to purchase a Book for $25USD on a day when the conversion rate is 1.38 Australian Dollars, the total cost is $34.44AUD.

Can you imagine how much cheaper or more expensive your item could be depending on the rise or fall of the Australian Dollar?

Top Tip 3: Maximise your Space

Maximising your space is the best way to save money when shopping online. Most Freight companies charge on Metric weight, so its important to know the size of your box. Once you know the size of your box and the maximum weight it can carry you can fill it up.

Once knowing all of the required facts, there is literally nothing stopping you from filling up your box. We encourage this with our boxes, hence why we put our box sizes, and the weight maximum online.

Top Tip 4: Know what you’re getting

It’s imperative to know what you are ordering and the size of it. It is best to know that if you are ordering small items, how many they can fit in their preposed packaging solution. It is wise to know the estimated size of the item (book for example) that you are ordering so you can get a fair estimate for shipping.

Top Tip 5: Grab a group and shop together

Shipping costs is often calculated on the volumetric weight, so the best way to get around this is to organise a box, a large box that can comfortably fit a group of various sized items.

At Just Tress It we quickly found out that our shoppers wanted the ability to add multiple items in together, so we created our Large Box, which can hold up to 5kgs and will ship out for a flat rate of $95.

Here is a video on how many items can fit inside of our Large box

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