• Can we shop for ALL items?
  • No, we will only be able to shop and ship items that are not restricted. To read the full restricted list click here


  • What if what I want doesn’t fit into a box size?
  • That’s okay, we totally get that. We can offer you custom shipping solutions based on the volumetric weight of your goods.

  • Is there a limit to how many items I can get?
  • Our shopping knows no limits

  • What if my order is over the size threshold?
  • We charge our additional weight in 500-gram increments, you will be charged $10 per additional 500grams. Your order will be calculated at the according size and weight.

  • Can I insure my goods?
  • Yes, you can insure your goods for an additional $25 per package. For your peace of mind, to date we haven’t lost a shipment! Please contact one of our friendly customer service team to do so

  • What is my return and refund policy
  • We can arrange returns and refunds, however we have to follow the stores returns and refund policy. We act as a third party between the store and the shipping and cannot guarantee this